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About me

My name is Károly Hopka. I was born on 15 May 1974 in Szentendre. I am a self-made artist. My master is József Buhály, painter.

First, I tried to realize my artistic ambitions in music. Between 1989 and 1997 I sang in several bands
(Arszlán, Kiss in the dark, White Rose).

The town where I live always had a great impact on me, including my art. I tried to weave the beauty of my home town into many of my paintings, mysterious allies which smoothen into my memories...

Another theme of my paintings is the nature, the trees, the woods, the meadows, birds, which I want to immortalize and of which less and less remains in our surroundings. For this very reason my aim is to bring people closer to nature, sometimes only through symbols; what is important is to make them acquainted with the secrets of the trees and the leaves...


Károly Hopka gradually emerged from obscurity; to cite the words of Miklós Losonci, he has made his way up on the stairs of his own university.
His numerous exhibitions have earned him a name not only in his hometown, Szentendre, but also in a wider circle.

In his professional path, he has so far been driven – apart from his studies – by the rigor of his perception of the world.
He knows himself, the society, the world of humans very well and this determines his feelings towards life.
He has something to give back to his audience.

This giving back makes them see and think: it is easy to stop in front of his paintings but it is difficult to go on by them.
His revealing world is waiting for a judgment.
He shows that he can also be a naturalist, he knows all the tricks of the brushwork, but, at the same time, he is capable of extreme abstraction and the evocation of the dream world.

His uniqueness revives and is reborn from the colours and shades as well as the ornaments filling in the organization of lines.
The experience of image and inspiration leads his eyes and hands; this is the most important determinant of his artistic individuality.

The song of the ravens, the trembling wings of the birds evokes between the stones the essence of the ancient, earthy density, which gains its substantiation in its eruption.
The beauty of his works is measured by their lightness, proportionality and their participation in the existence.

His mission is to shake up and to calm down; can I see what he sees? If not, he helps in the recognition.

I would not want to categorize Károly Hopka’s style but it is in the direction of abstract while demonstrating its own peculiar symbolism.
A bold artist, he treats his subjects with the bravery of those who see in the darkness and he actualizes them with his flexibility.

His exhibitions have been opened by Judit Endrei, János Fodor, Péter Galambos „Galamb”, Bertalan Molnár, Miklós Losonci and the author of these words…

dr. Lajos Szakács
Art history teacher

,,...Every year the nature renews itself. Károly Hopka `s art is a new blossoming: Spring. It is spring because his series of paintings has a unique mitology - he discovered something so far unknown of the world; the new truth of hidden beauty. His treasure is that his motives include the unity of the contrast of movement and immobility in the wings of the birds, trees and roots - his treating of the surface results in harmony flowing through the tranquillity of brownish waves.

It is a totemistic addition that - with a spectrum of colours borrowed from the headdresses of Indian tribes - he brings the raven into life, every flying creature's royal crown. A pleasant rhytm steers his imagination; he transforms the visuality offered by reality by the desires and possibilities of his spirit and ever-evolving intellectuality. Károly Hopka moved forward with accelaration, he is beyond the prelude, his inner battle is art, it is a sign of complete evolution, and it is more than a promise: it is a Potential... "

Dr. Miklós Losonci
Professor of Art History